Sample Bill Comment Communication

Dear EC:

Attached please find a request from WSBA Legislative Analyst, Kathryn Leathers, requesting that our Section comment on a bill {number, name} that would {describe}.  The deadline for responding to Kathryn is [DATE]. Here are some relevant links to the background on this bill:


Pursuant to General Rule 12, 75% of the Executive Committee must determine whether the bill a) has statewide impact, b) will affect the administration of law and/or c) impact the practice of law.  Please refer to our legislative pages on the Section’s website for details about what these mean and the positions we can take.

Please advise Bonnie Stern Wasser ( or [NAME (EMAIL)] whether you have special expertise with the subject of this bill so that you can educate the rest of us about the consequences or details of this bill and whether you would be willing to be a point person if you have such expertise.  Please also provide your preliminary position on the bill via email no later than [DATE].

The EC will need to vote on this bill on [DATE] via telephonic meeting.  If you will not be available, please advise Bonnie of your position about this bill on or before that date. 

Thank you.


(For more information regarding this form, please see IPS Legislative Comment Process.)