About Us


The International Practice Section of the WSBA focuses on international practice, international law, immigration law, and any cross border transactions.

As a result, it includes members who have a wide variety of backgrounds, from those simply intellectually interested to private practitioners, to government, to business, to foreign lawyers, to academia.

The International Practice Section was founded in 1984. This section has a broad focus that includes not only the study of current developments in the field of international law, but also immigration law, international transactional work, and international litigation or arbitration. Members include individuals who have a wide variety of backgrounds and practices including full-time and part-time practitioners, government, business, foreign lawyers, academia, internationally-focused law students, and those simply intellectually interested.  Member benefits include e-newsletters, monthly mini-CLEs at no cost to members, and annual receptions for both foreign lawyers and law students.

Please visit the Membership Benefits page for the details of the member benefits.