Why should you sign up as a mentor?

The Foreign Lawyer Mentor Program is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with a practicing attorney in another jurisdiction.  The foreign lawyer participants in the Foreign Lawyer Mentor Program tend to be motivated high achievers who already have positions with leading companies, law firms and government agencies in their home countries, and are pursuing advanced degrees at US law schools in order to advance their careers.  Moreover, you will not only get to build a potentially valuable relationship, you’ll also be giving back to the international legal community.


What will your responsibilities be as a mentor?

The specifics of the Foreign Lawyer Mentor Program are largely determined by the individual mentor/mentee relationship.  The program kicks off with our annual meeting.  The International Practice Section will pair up mentors and mentees shortly before or after the annual meeting, and all mentors/mentees are invited to attend the annual meeting free of charge.  After that, you will need to meet with your mentee(s) at least once, for lunch, drinks or whatever you prefer.  After that, the relationship is left to each mentor and mentee, though we encourage you to arrange further meetings with your mentee, introduce them to other practitioners whose practices they might find interesting, etc.


What do you need to do to sign up?

We disseminate information about the Foreign Lawyer Mentor Program in August.  Please stay tuned for further information for the 2017 Foreign Lawyer Mentor Program.  We typically collect the following information from potential mentors:

·         Name
·         Company or employer
·         Area of practice
·         Preferred home countries of mentee(s)
·         Number of foreign lawyers you are willing to mentor (we try to make this a one-to-one relationship, but occasionally practitioners will be asked to mentor two foreign lawyers)

You will receive an e-mail from our Mentorship Representatives before or after our annual meeting in September (depending on when you signed up and the number of people who sign up for the program), introducing you to your foreign lawyer mentee(s).  After that, it is in your hands, though if you can attend our annual meeting, it will be a great opportunity to meet your mentee(s).