Why should you sign up as a mentee?

There are many benefits to joining the IPS mentorship program.  Among many things, it is a great professional and personal opportunity for mentees to meet local practitioners with deep experience and diverse backgrounds, to build skills and experience, and to explore the legal community.


What do you need to do to sign up?

We disseminate information about the Foreign Lawyer Mentor Program every August via the IPS listserv, the “News” page of the Global Gavel, and the IPS LinkedIn.  Please stay tuned for more information around that time of the year.  We typically collect the following information from potential mentees:

· Name
· J.D. or LL.M candidate
· Law school
· Practice area preference, if any

You will receive an e-mail from our Mentorship Representatives before, during, or after our annual meeting in September (depending on when you signed up and the number of people who sign up for the program), introducing you to your lawyer mentor.  After that, it is in your hands, though if you can attend our annual meeting, it will be a great opportunity to meet your mentor.


What should you expect when you meet your mentor?

There are some important tips to make a meeting with your mentor successful.  First of all, you should arrive absolutely on time when you meet your mentor.  Second, we highly encourage you to appear in business attire.  Expect this is a great opportunity to practice and improve your job interview skills for a legal position in the United States.  Third, most importantly, prepare as many questions as possible for your mentor.  Your mentor does not know what your objectives are unless you express them and what kind of advice would be beneficial to you.  Once your mentor knows your pursuits and goals, they can give you advice based on their bountiful legal experience.