Amira Mattar is a first generation Arab-American from Seattle, WA. Amira began attending college when she was 16 and was later accepted to the University of Washington.  She majored in Political Science and minored in Law, Societies, and Justice. During her college years, she was active in campus student activism, with a focus on international human rights. Amira graduated from UW with honors when she was 20.

Born to a Palestinian father from Bethlehem, Amira has made regular visits to the West Bank throughout her life, and her decision to study international law was inspired by her experiences.  Now a 2L at UW School of Law, Amira is the recipient of the LEAD-WA scholarship and a FLAS fellowship for Arabic, and takes Arabic language classes alongside her regular law school classes. Amira is committed to a career as an international human rights attorney, and is excited to engage other law students about the opportunities of international practice via her role as the Huneke Fellow.

During the summer of 2017, Amira interned for T-Mobile’s legal department.  She mainly assisted the litigation and intellectual property team, but also contributed to the sales and distribution team.  She did a little bit of everything at T-Mobile: researched complex legal questions, analyzed contracts, contributed to ongoing litigation, participated in business negotiations and led team meetings.

In her spare time, Amira enjoys collecting music, playing piano, and watching documentaries.